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Thread: Back and forth

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    Back and forth
    I installed OS X 10.3 but for some reason my Stuffit wanted the original 8.0.0 engine to work. So I reinstalled OS X 10.2, but only the applications. Has this now downgraded all of my 'standard' applications? Or has this had no affect on them? :confused:

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    It shouldn't have downgraded anything but the program you had downgrade
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    In other the latest version of Stuffit from
    And re-upgrade to 10.3

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    Quote Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41
    It shouldn't have downgraded anything but the program you had downgrade
    :/ On the 'emergency disk' that comes with a computer I reinstalled the applications. So ipsofacto all the 'basic' programs have been downgraded. Darn. Will they automatically update themselves or recognise the fact that they are out of date when I use those applications?

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    Reinstall 10.3 & download stuffit from the website posted above.

    Btw, for such a small problem, you shouldn't reinstall your entire OS.

    Even if you only reinstalled all the progs, you could have just used pacifist to only reinstall stuffit.

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