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Thread: New Mac: What to go for? Opinions.

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    Question New Mac: What to go for? Opinions.
    Right then i have had a MacMini G4 1.42G with 512RAM for about 3 years now and i think its about time for a change as things seem to be slowing down.

    I am a freelance web developer that uses, Dreamweaver/Photoshop and Illustrator and when all are open my Mini obviously slows alittle.

    So what do people think i should go with, a new iMac or macbook?
    Should it be a Macbook Pro or will a Macbook be ok?
    I work about 2 days at home and 3 other days in an office where they have computers, so should it be a desktop or laptop?
    Minimum for decent speed? As in no pint me paying for more power if i'm never going to use it.

    Just general opinions on what would be a good idea, some expert opinion's

    Many thanks

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    Personally I'd hate to do design work on a laptop. Yes the resolutions good, but come on - it's still a titchy screen compared to a desktop.

    2gigs of RAM is all you need. Once you've got that, any Mac can run PS and DW quickly.

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    if youre talking about using all the programs all at once, the most important thing is probably the RAM and graphics. For me, its got to be the macbook pro or the imac, depending on if you want desktop or laptop.(At least 2gb)

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    I would go with an Imac if you want a desk top. The imac should be able to handle all of your tasks fine. If you want a laptop i would go with the macbook pro for the extra screen real estate.

    Either one would be great and as Alexis said said get atleast 2gb of ram. Get the 2 gb of RAM aftermarket. It is cheaper than getting it thru apple and will not void your warranty.

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    Cheers guys.

    I have read in another thread i started about the pro, how to add ram is it easy to do with the imac as well.

    Whats the cheapest 2gb ram that i can put either in the imac and macbook pro?

    I think it boils down to whether i need a laptop or not, i just dont know :s

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    Easy, hook up the laptop to an external keyboard/mouse/display when you're at home and just take the laptop with you where ever you want when you're not at home. If you think you'll work outside of your office/home (or like the idea of it), then a laptop is the way to go. I'm SOOO much happier after ditching my desktop and getting a laptop.
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    i personally use crucial and recommend it

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    Crucial, Kingston and OWC brands of ram all seem to be reliable. I have kingston in my imac and not a day trouble with them.

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