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    Problem with Trash?
    **Posted this in the wrong category! Mods sniped the last one**

    Ok, so heres what happened.

    My trash had some items in it, so I opened it up to see what they were..
    When I did so, nothing was showing up in the trash window, however there were over 2000 items in there.
    I couldn't see them though...
    I left the window up for a good minute to see if it was just taking some time to load what was in there, but still nothing. Tried arranging items by name, nothing.

    So I emptied it... and it ended up that there was over 15 gigs worth of stuff in there..!? Should I be worried about that? I would have remembered putting something, or lots of things, adding up to that much HD space...

    Any thoughts?

    <Macbook Pro 2.4, up-to-date Leopard>

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    It could have been a bunch of invisible files but what makes me cringe a little is the 15 GBs-worth. That is very strange.

    Did you do a third-party software update right before this happened?

    I know it is too late now (you already emptied the trash) but you could have downloaded MainMenu and asked to see the invisible files: this would have shown you what was in your trash your trash.

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    You can always do a quick check of what is in your trash if you open Terminal and type

    cd .Trash

    ls -al

    That will show you any hidden files that may be in there. The hidden file names start with a "."


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    I mean, the computer still seems to be running fine... no problems or anything.

    Should I be safe and do a clean install??

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    If things are running fine with no problems at all just leave it be. Maybe run Onyx and Repair Permissions but does not sound like you need an install.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacHeadCase View Post
    Did you do a third-party software update right before this happened?
    Now that I think of it...
    I'm pretty sure I installed and UPDATED Photoshop CS3 Extended BEFORE I emptied the trash... but the size of everything that was in there confuses me to death.
    I'm on the verge of doing a clean install. Its bothering me to no end.

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    Same thing happened to me the other day.
    I downloaded a "small" file from the internet. I decided I didn't like/want it so sent it to the trash. When I emptied the trash there were ~2500 files being deleted. It took about 6 minutes to complete the task.
    My Mac is still working ok.

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