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Thread: iMac internet failure?

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    iMac internet failure?
    3 years ago I bought an iMac. After 1,5 years it started to
    shut down everytime I was using it, with no reason. I got
    it fixed, they put in a new motherboard. But a couple of
    months later it happened again. Since then I havenít used
    the computer (I got a MacBook).

    However, I want to use the iMac again. I started the computer
    this afternoon, and it didnít shut down (yay). The system
    did get stuck when I pushed the volume button but I
    restarted it by pusing the power button.

    My biggest problem however, is the internet connection. I
    put in my cable but couldnít connect to the internet. I used
    Safari and Internet Explorer. Also, MSN canít connect. I
    donít know if itís because of my crappy cable (the plastic is
    a bit broken) or because of the software.. The cable does
    work with my laptop though.

    Can someone help me with this problem please?

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    Welcome to Mac Forums flox!

    If the cable works with your MacBook then the cable is clearly alright. You can check your connectivity to the internet directly via the Network preference panel. I wouldn't both messing with browsers and IM clients until you can see from the Network Preference Panel that you are in fact connected.

    It sounds to me like this is a sick iMac and will need service before you can go any further.
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