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    Any games played on intel MacBook Pros?
    Hey all,

    Im down here in the dirty Kuwait, and was looking at amazons selection of games for boredom beating. Anyway anyone have any success with certain games on the 128mb nvidia 8 series cards on intel MBpro's? I was wondering about even some of the older games too, for like 10.4 or even older OSX's...will they work on ze Leopard?

    Thank you,

    15.4 MacBook Pro Dual 2.2ghz (Travel Pal)
    Dual 2.0Ghz iMac 20 Inch-3gb ram (Wifey)
    G4 1.42ghz Mini (everyones)
    802.11n AEBS / 80gb iPod

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    Macbook: 2.16 CPU/2GB RAM
    You can probably play the most recent games like Prey with Medium settings and get about 45-60 Frames. It's an okay card. Way better than the Macbook's graphics.

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    Aug 23, 2007
    Macbook: 2.16 CPU/2GB RAM
    Most games that are older like Raven Shield, Ghost Recon etc. have a Universal Binary so you can play it on any mac computer. Quake 3 works excellent on the Intel Macs and it wasn't even made for it. for Quake 3 search Sqounk on google and there is Quake 3 intel update for the game

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