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    Using iChat with Googletalk
    I bought a new Macbook yesterday and I am having a few issues with iChat and Googletalk. My parents live in Australia so with my old PC I often called them on googletalk since it was cheaper than making the long distance phone call. Using iChat, I can load my googletalk buddy list and send messages but I cant make or receive calls. Are there any mac programs that will allow me to actually make calls to my parents googletalk account?

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    i dont know if you can make or receive calls with adium since ive never used it for that, but googletalk is under the list to make an account on it. google adium and see if it works.

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    I tried adium and it wasn't working, at least not for me.

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    Only the official Google talk client supports voice calls at the moment and that's windows only.

    I'd recommend Skype or Gizmo instead.

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