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    Hi all newbie, just asking questions, i got so sick of the peecee crashing i spent some hard earned on a Mac G4 dual 1.25ghz i have a question if you will indulge me.

    On the back of the graphics card which i believe is the 9000 pro there are 2 connectors, one is ADC and one is standard DVI i guess.

    Now i know i can connect a standard monitor to the DVI connector

    Can i get an adaptor or a diagram so i can connect the ADC connector to a standard monitor?

    Any help, newbie needs it!



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    Check out this page: Clicky.

    Apparently there is an ADC-VGA connector available from 3rd parties.

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    An adaptor should have come with the machine, a DVI to VGA was supplied with all? 9000 graphic cards. Asume your 'standard' display has DVI or VGA. DVI will plug directly into the port.

    Have a look at eBay and such places for the adapter as they are not too dear.

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