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    New iMac; is my keyboard defective?
    Good morning all,

    As you might guess from the forum I chose, I am a new iMac owner/user. My iMac is about 1.5 weeks old.

    I have noticed something with the new computer that makes me crazy. When I am typing text I am encountering situations where the "Shift" key isn't working. I have noticed that if I am typing and make an error and I use the arrow key to back up and then try to make a letter upper case, the shift key isn't working; i.e. no upper case. This usually happens when I am making a correction mid sentence.

    For example if I type, "imac" somewhere in the middle of a sentence and then go back to change it to "iMac", the Shift and M key still produces a lower case "m"!?!? I have tried holding the Shift key and the "M" key and I can produce a string of "M" with most being lower case and an occassional upper case.

    I have also found that when I use the "End" key to go to the end of a line, that key isn't working either. It does nothing.

    Here is the real kicker. This seems to be happening only in the Apple Mail program. I believe everything is fine in the Pages program.

    Is this some kind of weird "feature" or am I doing something wrong? Is my keyboard defective, or does it need some kind of software/firmware update? If it's the latter, where do I go for this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If its only happening in Mail maybe its the program having a problem identifying that key stroke rather than the keyboard delivering the keystroke?

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    Thanks and...
    Thanks for the response. I wondered about that too. If that's the case what do I do? If I was using a Windows machine I would uninstall the program and reinstall it. Is Mail hooked in to the Mac OS? I wouldn't want to have to re-install Mac OS.

    Thanks again.

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