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    Merging Folders
    i have a "music" folder on my mac and a "music" folder on my USB hard drive which i share between computers and i want to keep the one on the Hdd up to date, eg I may download some extra music in the mac music folder and want to add them to the already existing folder on the Hdd with out overwriting the whole folder and its contents.

    With windows I am used to copying a folder over to the new location (which contains an old folder with not so many music tracks in it) and windows would give me the option of just updating the destination folder with music files in the folder i'm copying, that were not already in there.

    on my mac it seems that the only option i get when doing the same thing is to overwrite the whole folder that is already there with the new one and i cant seem to find a way of just merging it with the already existing one so nothing is replaced, just added.

    Im not sure if i explained my problem properly but hopefully you understand. How do you go about merging folders or files already in a folder wit a mac?

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    As you have foound there is no merge function in OS X or unix. If you are using iTunes to manage your music you just drop them on the iTunes application. It should tell you if you want ot overwrite any of your duplicates. If you are not using iTunes to manage the data, then you will need to have two of the same windows open. Then you can drag and drop into one of them. When it prompts you to overwrite the data don't (do not do a copy of folder on folder, because you will lose data).
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