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    Film Full screen problem (quicktime)
    I have my macbook plugged in to a 19" monitor and im using this as my main screen and macbook screen as an extra.

    When im watching a film and i click full screen it swaps over to my small macbook screen and will only go full size on that monitor. is there any way to make it go full screen on the big one?

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    I believe QuickTime sees your built-in screen as default when going full screen mode. A way around this would be to close your MacBook's screen, move the mouse or type a letter on an external keyboard to wake it from sleep, then go full screen in the movie.
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    Or you could make your external monitor as the default monitor while watching a movie. Just have to drag the menubar strip in the display properties preference.

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    Start quicktime, go to preferences, then select the tab that says full screen, then drag the quicktime icon to whichever screen you want qt to fullscreen to.
    Hope that helps!

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    thanks MacTastic

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