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    Hard Drive Question
    hey all...

    just purchased a Macbook Pro "notebook" with a 160g hard drive.

    upon receiving it i had some problems loading Garage Band, so Apple tech support walked me through a re-install after failing to fix the problem with other attempts.

    no additional software has been loaded on this machine since i purchase it, and yet i notice the hard drive on states that i have 107g available.

    i thought this was a 160g drive?

    am i missing something?

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    there are a lot of threads on this so a search may yield more information, but in essence, 160gb drive is not actually a 160gb drive because of the difference of 1000 mb vs 1024 mb to create a gb.

    plus the installation of the os, the system software, ilife, the demo iwork and office software suites and the other various applications.
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    Just like the poster above me said, you won't ever get 160GB of usable space from a 160GB drive based on what was mentioned. That being said, I would think you should have more than 107GB of free space if all you have loaded is OS X, iLife, and iWork and Office demo. Open disk utility and make sure you don't have another partition on your HDD.
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    I bought my imac and it had a 250GB HD in it and when i got it, it had like 237GB or something like that
    Actual storage will always be a little less.
    By the way. Did you use the second disk that comes with you computer?
    It will load most of the programs. if you do a optional install you can get all the apple loops and stuff like that.
    Is the problem with garageband a little more severe than that ?
    If so i might be able to help you
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