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    Lightbulb QuicktimePlugin.class issue
    Hi I'm new to these forums.

    Please, I need informed help!

    I have approximately 45 Locked QuicktimePlugin.class files in my Trash which were downloaded whilst 'hidden' in internet explorer folders on my old imac.

    I must have transferred them from my old imac whilst transferring data to my newish Powermac.

    Now I badly want to delete the QuicktimePlugin.class files, but I don't know what else to try?

    It is no easy task-several attempts have failed to unlock the old internet explorer Quicktimeplugin.class files.(Highlighting the file- clicking 'Get info'- click to remove the tick on the 'Locked' box- delete file)

    This procedure in brackets above results in making my screen go suddenly blank, then restore itself minus the previously opened window! It's strange!
    But still...I am left with all the undeleted QuicktimePlugin files still in the trash.
    I simply don't know what to do-some much more well-informed Mac user might know how to solve it, please?
    Thank you very much

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    If you are trying to empty the trash, then press and hold the option key, then select empty trash from the drop down menu. That should do a forced empty of the trash.
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