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    Keeping Macbook Pro Cool
    hey all...

    so i just purchased a new MacBook Pro laptop and i've already noticed how hot it gets.

    do any of you have any recommendations on ways to keep it cool and not over heating?

    someone at Apple told me not to have it on my lap, desk or bed. um, well, it is a laptop right? where else am i supposed to put it?

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    If you want, you can invest in a notebook cooler. I got one called iLap after reading a bunch of good reviews about it. Its kinda pricey, but worth it.
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    People still call them "laptops" but these are not the days of old, when "laptops" were slow and kept relatively cold.

    These days, companies are very careful to call anything a laptop... they are known as "notebooks". They pack a lot more power and a lot more functionality than they used to... and require more cooling.

    So... anyway, get a lap desk or something.

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    The MacBook Pros are made of aluminum so they naturally conduct heat better than most other notebooks, so don't worry about it it's not over heating this is normal. Enjoy your Mac =]!

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    You can use SMC Fan Control in osx and/or Input Remapper for Windows to control the fan speed and keep the machine running cool.

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