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    Software Questions...
    Hey guys,

    I ordered my 17" PB about a week ago and im getting in next week, meanwhile im preparing for it (its my first time on a mac) Id like to ask some software Questions:
    I heard that theres a Mac DC++. Does anyone know if its exactly the same thing as the pc version, or is it completely different.
    Also i have some software in Russian, but i want to change the language to English cos im more comfortable with it, and i really cant buy another copy cos it costs about 1300$ (Production Suite). Is there a way to do this or im stuck with the original language?
    And one more thing: i heard that you can adjust your monitor corners for special tasks, is this true?


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    For the software, if you are talking about an Adobe (Photoshop) or Macromedia (Dreamweaver, Flash, Coldfusion etc) then you will have to purchase the software again because Adobe and Macromedia do not offer cross-platform upgrades at this time.

    Yes, you can adjust your monitor corners with a program that comes included in the OS called Expose.
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    Ok thanks,
    Though if the software is only on mac, like Final Cut Pro and Motion, is there a way possible to change the language?

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    I think you can select your language preference when you install them
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    Ok great, cos i wanna get straight to work when i receive my PB, and hopefully i will be able to install everything in english.

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    I don't think all software supports this however.

    By the way, if this is your first time on a mac, why do you have russian copies of mac only software??

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    Well i told my dad to buy a copy of Production Suite, and i forgot to tell him to get it in English, as im a fluent russian speaker. So he got me a russian copy for about 1300$ and now im kinda screwed if it doesnt run in english. But i asked around and ppl said that normally mac-only software should automatically choose the language that ur mac OS X is set on, so hopefully that will be the case.

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