I have a decision to make. Need to order 2 IMac's .Either I wait for Time Capsule to become available and set up the network once or order my 2 IMac's and use my existing Linksys and go through second network setup when TC ever arrives. I am going to order refurb IMac's so it gets a little difficult to time the whole package to arrive at same time.

My questions are about network set difficulty with a Mac.

Is it difficult/how intuitive is it?
Any problems if I do one with Linksys and then redo whenever the TC gets here?

My PCs set up is Ethernet wired to Linksys to DSL modem. Ultimately, I will have the office IMac hardwired to TC and wife's Imac wireless to it.

Last question. Anyone know if TC can be used as a shared HD for storage besides being Time Machine location?