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    iCal Question

    Is it possible to repeat events in iCal? I'm trying to input my class schedule, I'd like to be able to set it for the whole semester, but the only way I can see doing it is by reentering all the data for every single day I'm in class.


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    Yup go into iCal click on the event, press ⌘+I and than set it to repeat from their!
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    You can click on the event, then select the small "i" in the blue circle at the bottom right of the screen to open the info box. There you will see the options to repeat the event (about halfway down).
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    Or a third way - when you highlight an event a box opens on the right with the details - look at the "repeat" section and then click the little up/down arrows and pick how frequently you want it to repeat, i.e., daily, yearly, etc.

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