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    Question iTunes Syncing
    AHH! So I love my mac, but never have I been a fan of iTunes- winamp is my thing. I hate .m4a and I despise all the authorization, although it is undeniably understandable.

    Anyways- I have an old Sansa mp3 player 512MB and I want to load up some music on it without having to drag and drop from every individual artist and album folder I have. I plugged it in, but ti didn't even show up on iTunes... I thought that it would. So then I made a playlist of songs to drag onto there. And I would drag them from iTunes onto the mp3 player and that didn't work- they would show up as temps, then immediately dissapear.

    So basically, is there any easier way to do this? I would hate to drag and drop because then you can't see the grand scheme of things and make as good choices, and also it would take forever.

    Should I get a new program? Anything to point me in the right direction would be awesome.


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    Yeah you will most likely have to get a new program, I'll take a look around and get back to you if I find anything.
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