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    GOT I have questions
    I just got a G5 iMac and have made the switch to Mac from PC...How can I get the icon bar at the bottom off of the screen when I want it off and back on when I want it on? Is there a keyboard shortcut for this? Also, the browser I am using (Safari) is about half as big as my PC looks and feels funny to me. Could it be because I am at a much higher screen res?

    Im lovin this thing already and i already dont want to go back to PC's.

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    to turn on dock (iconbar) hiding hit option+apple+D or go to apple menu/dock/turn hiding on. many more dock prefferences can be accesed by clicking on Dock preferences when in the dock submenu

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    I think that clicking on the green button at the top left corner of safari will cause it to adjust to what the designer's thought would be appropriate, at least it doesn't maximize it like under windows...

    To utilize your entire screen space, click & hold on the diagonal lines at the bottom right of the screen and drag until the size fits you.

    You can check your screen resolution my clicking on system preferences in the dock (the icon bar), select 'displays' and there check the highest resolution.

    But nonetheless, adjust the safari screen size to whatever you want... and enjoy your new mac!

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    Thanks on to another question. the macs get a lot of viruses?is it wise to run and AV on this machine?

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    No need to get any antivirus program
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    Only reason to run AV on Mac is in networking with windows pc situations

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