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    Alrighty guys.. I'm in college now and we do a lot of video editing. Were using Final cut pro.

    I don't use a Mac at home, therefore it gets hard to do all the work at school. So I'm thinking of getting a mac. I was thinking of a notebook.. but it might cost too much compared to a desktop.

    So if I were to get a desktop or laptop, what price range would it roughly be for both?

    I'm sure if I'm going to be using FCP, I'll be needing something pretty powerful. My current PC is pretty powerful, however it's just a regular PC and not a Mac...

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    well for the best deal I would get the 1800 dollar 24" desktop and then up the ram to 4gb by yourself

    or just get a macbook for like 1300 and then buy 4gb ram

    whatever you think you would like more, a laptop you could bring to class...

    That's my web design portfolio/business^^ check me out!

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    Final Cut Pro will not work on computers with integrated Intel graphics processors, so that rules out buying a MacBook:

    So that leaves you with a choice of the MacBook Pro, iMac, or Mac Pro. If you want the best performance, the Mac Pro is easily the way to go. With dual-Quad-Core processors, you'll have the fastest machine available from anyone. Plan on getting 4 Gb RAM minimum, and you are looking at about $3300. More if you need increased disk space and wireless ethernet. You can save by dropping to a Dual-core processor, or spend more on faster Quad-core options.

    From there, you can compromise and get an iMac. They don't have the Quad-core processors yet, and have a lesser-performing graphics card, but do have the convenient all-in-one form factor. Maximum RAM is 4Gbs also (you can go MUCH higher with the Mac Pro). The 24" iMac with maxed 4Gb RAM is about $3,000. You can save a little by going with the 20" or the slower cpu option.

    If you want portability, the MacBook Pro is your only option. For the fastest 15" model with 4 Gbs RAM, yer looking at $3200. The 17" model obviously is more... and you can save some by dropping down the cpu option.

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    I would follow what lifeisabeach is saying, with one exception. DO NOT...NOT!!...EVER! buy Apple ram. 4GB from apple is $700, third party you can get it for 100 bucks.

    You can pick up a more than capable iMac for 1500 dollars and put third party RAM in it.

    If you were going portable you would be shelling out an extra grand for a macbook pro equal in spec to the iMac.

    try for ram

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    Just remember the mac pro is probabily overkill for what most users would be doing with it. So I say look at what you need and work out a machine for that. Like what cpu and gpu you need. Do you need portability? And all the rest of what you need from the computer. Include a price you want to pay also. Then once you have made this list take a trip over to the apple site and pick the one that closest matches your list you made.

    Also having a play with a demo model in a store is a great way to feel also which one is right for you.

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    Consider what you are now doing with Final Cut and if you'll be moving into using Motion or Color which work best with higher end systems. Keep in mind the details of the FCPS specs when looking for a Mac. Notice how they have listed the specs for Motion and Color separately from the other applications.

    To get more machine for your money, consider buying a refurb or a used machine.

    P.S. It looks like the Final Cut editing application could be run on a mini. You might have to muck with tricking the installer or the startup of FCP. This Macrumors thread gets interesting at entry 17. I wouldn't normally take this kind of risk.

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