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Thread: Macbook Pro Question (newbie)

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    Feb 02, 2008
    Macbook Pro Question (newbie)
    hi guys...

    i just purchased a new 17" Macbook Pro.

    upon start up, i don't get the MAC OSX Logo with the blue bar which normally shows the start up the computer.

    instead, it just starts with the standard grey apple screen, then goes to a all blue screen and then to my desktop.

    is this normal?

    the only reason i ask is because on every other MAC i've used that MAC OSX logo and loading screen has appeared.


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    I'm not exactly sure, but I think it might be Leopard. My old mac with tiger showed the bar, but my new one with leopard skips it. there's nothing wrong though.

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    cool. thanks.

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    Yes, this is normal. I think it is Leopard. My older Mac shows the bar, my new one just leaps up to the desktop. No worries, all is well on your Mac.
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    this is correct for leopard
    this is normal. i recently purchased a mac book with leopard and there is no osx start up screen. just the apple logo and then the blue screen and then to the login screen

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