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    I am currently a Windows user, however I am desperate to convert to Mac. As a new user to Mac's, which Mac product do you reccomend? I was planning on purchasing a Mac Mini 2.0GHZ edition for 499. The only problem is that I want to get a Mac monitor of which is packed with an iSight camera. Could you give suggestions to the content I have written here?

    Many Thanks Mac/potentional users

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    buy a 20" iMac instead.

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    if you are looking for portability, then you have a few options either the macbook or macbook pro... Macbook comes in 13" with a 2.2ghz c2d processor and the pro comes in 15" and 17"... If portability isn't a concern then an iMac should be more then sufficient. All Mac's including the iMac come with a built in iSight, and mic

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