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    Unhappy MBP running slow sometimes.
    i have had my Macbook Pro for about a month now and i love it, except for sometimes it is just slow. The time it takes for it to boot up seems longer than it did the first time i started it up, and a few apps are running slow too. just about every time i do something in iPhoto, i get the swirley-wait sign for about 5-10 seconds, even if i'm just moving a photo, or if i am in full-screen. i checked the Activity Monitor and everything seems to be fine, and i got rid of uneeded photos, movies, apps, and documents. i even cleared the Safari cache. also, applications seem to take longer starting up than they did when i first got the MBP. i just got this thing a month ago, any ideas on any other measure to take?
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    Pop in the system CD and do a repair permissions / repair disk..

    Also, its not a bad idea to have a program like Onyx to run maintenance scripts for you / clear internet cache / etc.. I run mine every 2 weeks or so... or if the computer is acting sluggish, I will run it.

    See if any of those helps

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    You can do that from disk utility. You dont need to put in the system disk.

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    Two things you can try:

    1/ Check for any widgets or programs that are PPC native. You can see this in Activity Monitor, in one of the right most columns of each process's display. If you are running PPC stuff, the Rosetta interpreter is running and that is slower. You might want to see if you can live without any of these.

    2/ Get OnyX, a system maintenance package (freeware) and run its maintenance scripts. Then reboot. The first reboot after an OnyX run is always a little slower than normal, since OS X has to repopulate a bunch of caches, but after that, you should notice your Mac running faster. You can get OnyX at:

    You should run OnyX about once a week to keep your Mac running at full tilt. By the way, there are several packages that do more or less the same thing as OnyX, so if you know of others, feel free to use one of them instead. I'd name a few of them except that I seem to be having a "senior moment" just now - can't think of any others!
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    thank you very much!!
    2.2 GHZ 15.4" MBP with NVIDIA GeForce GT 8600 and 2GB RAM

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