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    Adding XP
    First I am going to add my "why did I not change before" to the many other switchers. I just love IMAC !!

    I am English but live in a Spanish speaking country and have to buy their hardware/software. I was concerned that My new IMAC would be in Spanish with limited alternative to change locales etc.. However after changing the initial language settings I was very pleased to find that everything is in English as far as I am aware no Spanish XP changes everything into English (no problem)

    However I use Skype and MSN and some other voip programs frequently and have a need to install XP to get the full use of these programs with video and voice. Skype in mac is reasonable but frequently drops, aMSN I also have problems with.

    My question is if I install XP in the Spanish language, will there be a conflict as Mac is now in total English . I should not think so but would like to know if anybody has attempted this have they experienced any problems.

    I will be using XP home with serial pack 2 included, I have read just about all that I can find using Boot camp but if there are any extra tips or things to be aware of would love to hear them.

    Many thanks in advance


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    Since you are effectively installing XP in a separate partition, I couldn't see why there would be a problem. While certain components of Boot Camp will load onto the Windows partition, the difference in language should have no bearing on the underlying program code for the Boot Camp or XP programs which are written in universal computer code. And since Spanish uses the same alphabet as English, the tool bars in Boot Camp (when opened in Windows) should still be legible (unlike with an East Asian language which has complicated characters that turns to gibberish without setting the IME module).

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    The two operating systems are unconnected. You just partition the hard drive into two sections and install Windows XP on the new one. OS X and Windows have nothing to do with each other on the same machine.

    Once you've installed XP you put in the Leopard DVD to install drivers for things like sound and the remote control, but again they have no contact with the OS X partition.

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