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    correct way to uninstall?
    Just wondering if you could tell me the correct way to uninstall dont want to leave a load of old files behind! Thanks

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    I use Appzapper, really easy to use, all you do is drag and drop the thing you want unistalled into the box and hey presto the app and all its files will be deleted. Costs about $12, but imo worth every penny.
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    Drag the application to the trash...if it needs an uninstaller it will have come with one.
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    While The Vindicat3d is absolutely correct, you are probably wondering why programs like AppZapper and AppDelete exist. Sometimes little traces of a program are left behind. They usually amount to little or nothing, but are there nonetheless. If that bothers you, the aforementioned programs help to eradicate those little files as well.
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    I got AppZapper as part of the MacHesit deal. Prior to that I just dragged the app to the trashcan and then typed the application name into spotlight and deleted the few files that remained. That said, AppZapper is a fun little app. Just drap the application to the AppZapper window and hit zap. The screen flashes and you hear a "zap" sound. It gives you a little smile when you delete an app, pretty cool! One nice thing about AppZapper too is that most of the time it will also delete the install media (dmg file).
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    My personal experience with AppZapper is that it did not delete all the files associated with a program. I had to go in and route out some files manually. With AppZapper you get a free trial ... download it and see if you like it.

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    I've been using AppTrap, seem to do the job nicely without fuss.

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