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    Remove office v.X Test drive, problem!

    I am trying to remove the test drive office v.X that was on my powerbook when I bought it. But when I do so (using the remover) I've got this message: "You do not have access to the microsoft v.X folder. To remove the office v.X test drive, you must log in as the user who installed it".

    What's going on! I will not return my pb to taiwan and have it remove ( : ) ) anyone can help!


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    You have full admin rights, yeah?

    If not -any experience with going into the root? You could just drag it to the Trash and clean up a bit.

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    No experience about going to the root since I'm new and I think that I have the full right admin since I am the pb admin but how do I check that?

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    Right-click it and click 'Get Info'. Under the 'Ownership and Permissions' tab, change 'You Can' to 'Read & Write'. If that doesn't work, nothing will.

    Good luck!

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