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    iMac to MacBook help

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    Imac 20" 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
    iMac to MacBook help
    Hi everyone

    I just switched back in last august and bought an IMAC alu 20... and I just love it. But now is the time to replace my Thinkpad X40 i use at school for my MBA and I want to continue on my conversion program to apple

    I looked at the macbook air as it is as light as my X40 which i liked very much but there is too much compromise done on this machine to get the same weight. So I'm buying a macbook.

    I'm getting to my question, is there any easy way to move/copy all my config from my imac to my future new macbook? software, preferences, etc...



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    iMac to MacBook help

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    You should be able to use migration assistant to move your settings, etc.
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