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    cd ripping question
    This may be a bit of a stupid question but as ive just got my new mbp i wanted to re import all my cds into itunes as i did it years ago and want to change sound quality and some were done through media player and dont have track names could someone answer a couple of questions

    1. what setting for sound quality is everyone using i need to put about 4-500 albums on?
    2. whats the superdrive like for ripping this number of cds is it going to hate it!?

    Thanks for everyones help on here!

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    No doubt everyone will have they're own take on what quality to use - it's all personal preference at the end of the day.

    I prefer 192kbps myself, a good compromise between quality and file size.

    Never had any problems ripping with the superdrive.


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    gotta be 320kbps for me, file size and ripping time doesn't effect my choice, so i always go for best quality.
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    224 to 256 kbps variable rate seems to be the best compromise for me. 128 to 160 kbps doesn't cut the mustard IMO.

    320 kbps, of course, if storage and mp3 player capacity is not a factor.

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    I'm with Gaz, it's always 320kbps for me.

    But be careful, for every CD you rip, the RIAA will fine you $1.5 million....

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    I have to say I feel quite inferior just using 128 mp3s xD

    When I got my new MacBook, I ripped all my CDs (about 5000 tracks so bout 400ish albums I guess - superdrive didn't complain once except it rejected the cliff richard CD and rightly so xP) onto it at 128k at 44kHz (sample rate is not as important but yanno ^^). I have to say, not to cause a massive riot, but I really can't tell the difference between 128, 256 and 320, it just makes files bigger so less goes on the old iPod.

    Maybe I simply haven't invested enough in my listening bits

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