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    Sync cell phone with Mac question

    I downloaded SyncMate. Its a program thats supposed to sync your cell phone with your Mac. Ive got a Tmobile Dash that runs windows mobile on it, so I cant use the ActiveSync program built into the phone to sync with my computer (cuz its a mac, and I dont have parallels).

    Anyone with experience with this program? I dont know how to use it, so I cant get to to sync up with my phone.

    Anyone use any other FREE programs and have success?

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    I don't know of any free apps, but you should really look into The Missing Sync. It's the best way to sync a Windows Mobile phone with your Mac.

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    I have missing sync for my windows mobile pda.
    At first, I wasn't crazy about it, but now that I've been using it a while, it is a little better. It just takes a while to get used to it.

    i am thinking of getting an iphone when they come out with new models because I think the overall experience will be better.

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    I have a windows mobile device as well and i used the trial for an older version of the missing sync which didn't work.. i've read reviews about version 4 and they say its great. The missing sync allows you to back up pics and vids off your phone while MS's activesync doesnt..

    So what do i use to sync my phone?
    A. my phone is connected to a free hosted exchange server ( it backs up all my contacts, calender, and email is pushed to my phone. I highly recommend setting up an account with them if you have a data plan on your wireless acount. (just forward your other emails to your mail2web account if you want those pushed as well.)

    B. i have xp installed through vmware's fusion and i use that to sync occasionly but mainly i use it to do rom updates on my phone. I can't live without windows mobile and having xp as a guest OS on fusion helps me enjoy the best of both worlds Mac and XP

    I'm probably going to buy the missing sync when i upgrade to Leopard..

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