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    Angry Help Canadian find google
    Just got my IMac today ....trying to figure out basics. When I try to go to I always wind up at It does not matter whether I type the .com in the www line or do a search and select I always wind up at This never happened with windows. Is there anyway to let Mac know I know what I want when I type the american .com and have it let me go there???

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    On the page there is a link to It says: "Got To" You can then set that as your homepage

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    Well is your time set to the right time zone? if you live in amirica yet it right and it should go to (I think)
    as when i was in Australia i set the right time zone and it took me to google Australia
    hope that helped you.
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    It works based on IP address. When I log into my Swedish based VPN and go to google, I get google Sweden.

    Once you have visited a couple of times and clicked the link, google leaves a cookie on your computer and it remembers your preference. You will always end up and the American frontpage from then on. Just remember not to clear your cookies

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