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    Small pictures from iPhoto… help!

    I’m new here; so sorry if this is in the wrong place.

    When I upload pictures from iphoto to the internet, say photo bucket, or face book, the photo appears quite small, were as if there is a picture that I upload that is not on iphoto, say just a picture I have on my desktop, it uploads to the internet at a normal size.

    Is there any reason iphoto dose this, and is there a way to make it upload the images to the net at a normal size, apart from having to export the picture from iphoto to the desktop, and then uploading it from there.

    Hope you understand what I am saying and I appreciate any help.

    EDIT: just realised I posted in wrong section. Sorry.
    I have dyslexia and really canít spell. Feel free to correct me!

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    sorry, there is no other way. you need to export the picture from iPhoto.
    I guess you could also go to the iPhoto library and browse to find the picture in there, but have you looked at the library? It's not pretty.

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    First rule -- stay out of the library in finder! It will confuse you, but more importantly, you risk corrupting your photos if you muck about in there! Do anything and everything to/with your iPhoto photos from within the app.

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    if you have iLife '08, the iPhoto library is now "packaged" to prevent excessive amounts of file messery xD You can view and edit the contents of this package but honestly I just wouldn't bother. iPhoto has done this for a very good reason and it's to stop morons like yours truly losing ALL THEIR PHOTOS *wail* anyway to answer your actual question xD you're probably uploading a thumbnail version of the picture and not actually the physical file. I've personally never had this problem, but maybe you can get around it by exporting the files like neo (cool handle BTW) said. Either that or you can actually manage the files yourself and get iPhoto to simply make shortcuts to the files when you access them through the library.

    But beware. If you do this, then decide you have them in the wrong place you will have to fix ALL the aliases to ALL the files you have and believe me it gets tiring after the 10,000th

    keep at it and welcome to mac

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