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    How to properly remove vmware fusion?
    I downloaded trials of both parallels and fusion and decided that parallels runs my applications in xp so much faster that its not even a debate.

    I wanted to make sure that i removed VMware fusion properly.. do i need to uninstall xp first or something to get that partition back? or does just throwing the fusion app in my trash solve all of it in one step?


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    Did you look at this setting?

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    If you want to completely remove VMware....

    Remove the Virtual Machines folder from your Documents Folder. You can just move it to the Trash and empty it.

    Secondly DO NOT just remove the .app file in Applications. Within the VMware Fusion Installer, there is also an Uninstaller. use that to completely remove the program. VMware, by nature, installs files throughout the OS so that it can properly emulate the guest OS's. The Uninstaller will remove all of those files. Removing only the .app file will not.
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    Nov 24, 2011
    Removal of fusion 4 from Mac -different than what is already posted?
    I have fusion 4 trial - is removal same as in this thread?

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    No, use the VMWare Fusion uninstaller that comes with both the application and the trial software. Do not attempt to drag things to the Trash.

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    Uninstalling Fusion
    Thank you

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