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    File maker? I need answers
    I have no formal training in Filemaker, just learning by reading and trial and error. I have several questions but don't know where to ask them.

    I need to know

    1. is it possible to set up our client database to link into our letters and agreements (in word) we send (this will aid in speed when preparing standard agreements envelopes, ect)

    2. Also is it possible to create another databse that will link into specific clients accounts with all their acct info (ie employees they hired due datea and outstanding $ that will be linked into a main database that will help us keep track of outstandings and paids)

    3. I'm also looking for a program that will allow me to send and receive faxes on the computer. that will also be accessed through client and applicant databases.

    hope you can help

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    You can do 1 and 2 with filemaker. If you are looking at the manual. Look up relational databases. That should help you there. I don't know about item 3.
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    How much money do you have? If you're flush with cash, it might be best to hire someone to do it for you.

    FileMaker has a directory of consultants (AHHH!) at

    If you don't want to spend the money, or just want to do it yourself, you should try contacting a FileMaker users group.

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    thanks. I do want to learn and do it myself.

    I'll check them out

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    Filemaker can do just about anything you need it to. Like rman said 1 and 2 will be easy. As for 3 Filemaker can't fax itself but it is very useful for making the lists and merged documents for blastfaxes. I do it 40 times a day

    As for the best way to learn... I learned on FileMaker 4.0 the basics just by reading the included book and playing around. Recently I had to brush up on FileMaker 6 and the book that comes with it is actually really good. If you need more help check this out:

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