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    Printing Multiple Slides/Page in Preview?
    Is there any way I can get multiple pages in Preview to print on one page? I have a document with about 15 pages, but Id like to get it to print 2 per page...and I cant figure it out.


    Or should I download another application?

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    You should be able to go to page setup to change the size of the pages. If you size them down enough, eventually you'll get more pages of the doc per page of paper.
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    in the Print box, hit the drop down menu that's on Preview by default, and go to Layout. Then change the "pages per sheet" to whatever you want.

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    I came here looking to find out how to print multiple slides per page of Different slides, not the same one over and over again. Don't know what the OP wanted though. Does anyone know how to print multiple Different slides per page?? It is super easy on other pdf viewers.

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    In 10.8.2, the print dialog box that opens when you print has a bar on it with the name of the program from which you are printing. If you print from preview, it will say Preview. Click on that bar and a menu opens. Choose Layout. Now you can pick how many pages per printed page you want and you are done!

    BTW, that is exactly what visualpurple suggested 5 years ago and it still works.

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