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Thread: sizing photos

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    The Giver
    sizing photos
    When I load my photos from my camera to iPhoto, I don't know how to then size the files, because they are really big, and hard for my friends to download. Is there already a program on my iBook G4 to size files? Or what..

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    I've never used iPhoto, but I assume you could do it through there? You could also right click on the photo file and open it with Graphic Converter, which, up in the menus, you can find all sorts of options to resize, recolor, rewhatever your photos.

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    The Giver
    How do you save a photo on iPhoto.. theres no option?

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    Select the photo's you want to share with your friends, and then select 'export' from the file menu.

    This will give you a list of options:

    -Save as webpage will automatically create a webpage with thumbnails and titles from your selected photo's which you can then upload to webspace for everyone to see.

    -export as file: Here you can also resize the photo's to a lower resolution (what you want) to make the file sizes smaller (good for e-mail...)

    -export as quicktime: let's you save your photos as a quicktime movie slideshow.

    Hope this helps!

    Btw: to mail photo's, just select them and click on e-mail at the bottom: this will automatically make them smaller and add them to a mail in the mail app.

    Couldn't be simpler than that!

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    Or photshop. Go to image size, make the width 800px. Then go to file save for web. That will take your 1 meg jpgs and reduce them to around 100.

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    I got fed up with trying to use iPhoto so I bought Photoshop Elements and haven't looked back.

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