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    Buying Linksys WRT54G wireless router....opinions?
    Guys, i'm having trouble deciding on the linksys WRT54G or the Netgear WGR624 router...............can someone tell me a little bit about both?.....

    i've heard good and bad things about the two.............. some people say linksys sometimes drops the connection, making it really unconfortable, but some say that the newgear has problems connecting through a 10/100 modem........... is this true?....

    i'll be using it to connect wirelessly on my apartment, and i'll be sharing it with two other laptop PC (windows) so, would it be a problem?!.....should i just buy Airport Express?....o Extreme?...........they're too expensive for me right i'm guessing linksys or newgear...........

    a question tho................. The Airport Express/extreme works well with Windows pc ? in case i want to network my mac and the other pc laptops wirelessly to surf the net?

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    I have no netgear products and 2 linksys products. I have a wireless 802.11b PS2 adapter that hooks straight up to my apple network, it is nice, and pretty lag-free, but i had to turn WEP settings off(which isn't a problem, i live in the middle of nowhere in Western Mass). And i have a wired 4-port router, that is good and easy to set up, but i loose the connection a lot, as before when i was just using airport i didn't. My friend's whole house is covered with netgear equipment, and he never has trouble. The next networking equipment i get will surely be netgear... Go with Netgear is my advice

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    I have a Linksys g router with 2 macs and 2 pcs running wirelessly on the same network with all wep settings configured for maximum security. I have absolutely no problems.

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