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    How to install RAM..?
    Ok guys... I bought a 512 stick of RAM today, and I am going to install it in my Powerbook, but I don't know how...
    I saw a step by step walkthrough on how to do it, but it was for an older Powerbook that has keyboard release latches?? (Mines doesn't have that)

    Mines a G4 Powerbook bought this year... Anyone know how to get under the keyboard without taking the whole thing apart?

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    The ram goes in the small door on the bottom side of the machine (4 screws). I believe once in the steps are the same.

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    There should be instructions and a diagram in the owner's manual that came with your PowerBook. Apple's website also has downloadable instructions and diagrams here:

    Finally, if you click on Help in your menu bar, and type "install memory" into the search box, you should find yet another set of instructions and diagrams.

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    Fairly straight forward, underneath is a little 'trap door'. Undo the 4 screws with a size 00 philips screwdriver (DO NOT attempt to use anything else, buy the screwdriver or kit if you have to), touch the casing to discarge any static and insert the RAM.

    You can see the contacts and which way around it goes... you insert the chip at around a 20 angle and then clip it down into place. Make sure the contacts go all the way in.

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