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    When are the best sales on for Macs?
    Hey everyone, I am really excited because I am planning on purchasing a new iMac with leopard. The problem is that I am short on money? When can I find the best sales on Mac computers?

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    There are only two ways I know of to get a Mac at a discounted price. One, buy refurbished. My last 3 Mac purchases were refurbs. I'd never buy a new Mac again. Or you could buy the it immediately after a new model is released. They will discount the previous model to make way for the new one.
    You won't find an actual sale.
    There are some authorized resellers that sell Macs cheaper than Apple. Try MacMall. I haven't heard any good things from them so be careful.

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    You don't have to wait for a certain time to get a good deal on a mac. Just keep your eye out for a refurbished mac that you like.

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    Refurbished is the way to go. I bought my 17" MacBook Pro refurbished almost a year ago and have been very happy with it.

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    As was suggested get a refurbished system. Apple does not put any system on sale, even when it is about to be replaced.
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    The only sale of the year was black friday. And it was 100 bucks off most machines. Same as a student discount.

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