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    Changed Account names not reflected throughout network
    Using os x 10.4.11 (Tiger)

    I just needed to change the account names of the 4 macs on our company network. I did so.
    (By going into System Preferences - Accounts )
    I typed in the new long name and used an application called "changeshortname" found here to change the short name.

    The names seemed to change ok but the old names are still visible when
    trying to locate the macs from from the other 3 macs on the network.

    I'm guessing the remedy for this would be to trash some preferences
    file somewhere that has the old names still associated with it.

    Anyone out these know which preference file to trash?


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    To change your computer's name on the network, you need to go into the Sharing preference pane.
    schweb This has to be one of the best threads ever in MF history...
    Cherokee This gets my vote for most innovative thread on Mac-Forums... ever.

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