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    No, the Macbook cannot handle Sims 2 with a decent framerate, its hardly playable.

    But from what you're telling us, the Macbook fits your needs more. Trust me, having the extra features the MBP gives you are nifty, but it quickly wears off if you're not doing anything really extensive. You said light film editing, and the MB can handle that just fine.

    The MBP is overkill, and you'll have buyer's remorse for spending near 2.5k on a machine you wont be using to its fullest.

    If you do go for the MB, be sure to get the Invisible Shield, it makes it so that the finger prints dont "smudge" on the machine, but rather, on the protective film. Also, if you apply the top film, it'll give your Macbook Black a glossy finish. Avoid if thats not your thing.

    Oh, and one more thing: Sound. The MB's speakers are absolutely horrid. Some headphones or some speakers will fix that quick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeTink View Post
    Thanks for the replies but, the thing im stuck on is im only going to play games once in a while. Does anyone have any games on thier macbook if so how do they run (preffered games sims2,c&c)
    I am about to install Supreme Commander on my macbook. Give me a day or so and I will let you know how it works out.

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    I'm Fairly new at Mac but I've owned a Macbook and now have a Pro... for me the main issue was the screen size. The Macbook performed very well for me but I got tired of having to wear glasses to use it. Another thing that was a little bothersome was the volume. Wasn't quite loud enough. Also I went to an Apple store to buy the 17" Glossy and came out with a 15" Matte very happy...

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    Well after thought ive decided to go for a.................

    Macbook ....... thats it

    I decided that im not going to be playing games on it or be using pro editing software and i usually upgrade computers every couple of years so if i need somthing more capable ill get the newest model out.

    So now leaves the question black or white macbook?

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    mac book. Very sleek.
    I bought a mac book for christmas. I wanted my first laptop as small and portable as possible but being a mac and casual laptop user it can cater to pretty much anything I would want to do and does it better than most other laptops. For someone like me going pro would only be spending more money (which is alot when your 17 and working part time) or increasing the size beyond what I wanted for a pretty unnecessary improvement in performance. I'd have to go for the plain macbook for the typical laptop user.
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    I have white macbook and i love it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaywong87 View Post
    No, the Macbook cannot handle Sims 2 with a decent framerate, its hardly playable.
    You are wrong i've got The Sims 2 running fine on my MacBook and Sim City 4/Rush Hour works like a charm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaywong87 View Post
    No, the Macbook cannot handle Sims 2 with a decent framerate, its hardly playable.
    This is in fact, incorrect.

    My children, right this very minute, are playing Sims2 on their macbooks (2ghz dual core, 2GB ram, 80GB hdd) without any issues what so ever. The video is on 1024x768 with everything set to medium detail and its smooth enough for them to be able to enjoy their game.

    I will get them to install it on the iMac and let you know how that one goes a bit later on.



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