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Thread: menu problems

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    menu problems
    So, here it is my menus (at the top of the screen) are all in Capitol ''A'' with a square around it. I thinK I have the solution its just a currupt line and I need to reload my system, but I don't want to lose all my stuff what is the best way to back up everything, mind you I can not read my menus or file names. I have an older imac with os 10.1 as well if I can use that to help let me know I am very confused and no one has seen or heard of this problem before. any ideas please let me know thank you.

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    You can boot off of the restore CDs/DVDs so that you are running an uncorrupted OS. Use the archive and install option and you will reinstall the OS onto the main HD without overwriting any of your user data.
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    thank you that is exactly what i needed to do everything turnee out fine now ijust need tofind a way to backup everything nicely

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