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    A really dumb question... how to uninstall?
    Hi, I know this might sound stupid but I just switched to MAC not too long ago, over the course of a few weeks I've added Apps. However I think I am doing the right thing when removing them I take them from the applications folder to the trash can right? On Windows there was an add/remove program that help guide you through it... I just want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong.


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    Yes apple makes it much more simple by just dragging the apps ao app folders in to the trash.

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    Remember to quickly look through the Preferences folder in Libary to make sure there are no files left in their connected to it.

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    If i am correct, these files in the library and preference folder won't do any harm, but they are messy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anarkhy
    If i am correct, these files in the library and preference folder won't do any harm, but they are messy.
    ...and if they're massive XML files, like iTunes stores, then removing them may free up some of that precious hard drive space.

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    I beg to differ, I have tons of programs installed, and my preference folder is only 5.2 mb

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    My iTunes libary files make a combined total of 4.17MB - and that's only about 1700 songs. I think iTunes keeps its files in the iTunes folder in Music though... (I was only using it as an example )

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    Oh, even so that is still not that much... and i think that is how iTunes uses the "spotlight" technology that it has.

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    Spotlight doesn't exist yet in release. It's a Tiger feature. iTunes does not use it at this point.
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