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    Is it safe to buy it refurbished??
    On the apple website, on the part where it...well shows refurbished items, do you think its a good idea to buy there, or should I buy a new, macbook. is the link. And its 100 bucks more, but it appears to only have a better graphics card.Well, do you think it will be better since I do play some games. And should I get the warrenty in case something is wrong with it? Or will they cover it if its broke? Did they refurbish it? Thanks, and sorry for being a moron -.-

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    I'm pretty sure Apple, or whoever makes their computers to begin with, works on the refurbs. If it wasn't for my student discount, I probably would have went with a refurb. As long as you get Applecare, which you should even if it's brand new, it's hard to go wrong with it.
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