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    Refurbished or used a good idea ? PC vs Mac ?
    I have 2 daughters and it is Christmas time. They both need computers. I did ask them what they wanted. I get Christmas gifts for them but I make it a point to buy what they need not what they desire.

    So I can only afford to get them 2 new pc laptops around $500- $600 each. I have never had a pc always a mac- are they okay ? The next option is a used or refurbished mac laptop. What are your experiences with them ? Are they worth it or are they problems later on ? Do the refurbished look and operate like new ? Of course they would love a mac over pc. But budget is the main thing. What do you think ?

    The other option is i phones. Maybe they will like that.

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    I would go for the a Macbook over an iPhone but that's my preference since they can use it for school etc as well as an entertainment center. Refurbished Macs from the Apple store are usually as new and come with a year warranty just as with a new machine.
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    My refurb MBP looked brand new when it arrived. It comes with a warranty (same warranty as new Macs) too so it's basically the same as a new MBP.

    I'd go with the Mac over the iPhone. The main reason is long term cost. With the Mac you buy it and you're done. With the iPhone you have to get a two year contract (depending on where you are). You said, "what they need not what they desire". Mac is more a need than an iPhone in my opinion too. Good luck with your choice!
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    I would go with the refurbished mac. They are cheaper & they come like they are brand new. That's what my brother did and that's what I wish I did.

    Then tell your daughters that they owe you an iPhone for Christmas
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    I bought a refurbished MacBook a few months ago. I was told by the Apple rep at the time that refurbished MacBooks always get a new case, so yeah mine came in like new condition.

    It came in a plain brown cardboard box, not the nice Apple boxes with the handles, and if I remember correctly the box noted it we a refurb. The disks and cables were sorta lose in part of the box.
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    Refurbished Macbook unboxing...
    Maybe this will ease you about buying a refurbished mac...

    Merry Christmas!

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    RumJungle Your a bit late its christmas eve he' really going to go buy on now like 5 hours left here.

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