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Thread: Using "Notes" and IMAP gmail account

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    Using "Notes" and IMAP gmail account
    Hi all,

    I'm a very new mac user and kind of a computer novice in general. I must say I LOVE my new MacBook!!! Best computer I've ever owned by far!

    My issue is that I'm using the Mail program included with my Mac and I'm trying to use the "Notes" with my gmail account which I have set-up as an IMAP account. When I create a new note and then close it, it sends and outgoing message and then I receive a new message back which is the exact same note that I just created, so then I've got two. The same process happens if I edit again (and close the note) so then I'll have yet another copy of the note. Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot for your help on this!

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    press the button "Done" instead of "Send" see if it will do the trick
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    Quote Originally Posted by tacsniper View Post
    press the button "Done" instead of "Send" see if it will do the trick
    Thanks for the idea... I actually thought the "Done" button would close out the note for good, so I was just closing it by clicking on the "x" button. Unfortunately clicking on "Done" does the same thing. It keeps sending out copies of my note and then bringing them back in and putting them in the "All Mail" folder. I've got tons of copies of it there now. And on top of that, my "Notes" folder is gone from the left panel.

    Is anyone out there using notes with gmail IMAP????

    Maybe it's time to accept the fact that notes are not going to work properly with a gmail IMAP account. Does anyone know of a program that works in a similar way that I can download? Maybe something that keeps notes on my desktop?? I like the option to email the note right from the note itself.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    I believe there's a spot in your preferences where you can choose to keep them (or at least some other messages) on either the server, local, or both. I can't remember at the moment - I may be wrong - but I'd recommend checking Mail's preferences.

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