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    Wireless Network installation

    i just got my Airport card and have installed it successfully. The problem i have is with my wirelesss router/access point. I bought it before i made the switch to mac and never got round to installing it on my old PC but now i notice it is only compatible with windows. Is there any way i can install it on my iBook, it should be 802.11 compatible but how do i use the setup disk considering it's full of .exe files.

    I've been searching the Linksys website but can't find anything.

    Suggestions would be appreciated because i really don't wanna have to go but a new router.

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    You shouldnt need to run anything you should be ab le to click on the airport card and see your network... At least thats how it was for me.

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    All linksys routers have an http configuration. All you need to do is connect to the router while it's on, and find out your gateway using the netconfig tool. After that just go to your browser and type in or whatever it is. Then you can configure it.

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    whatever wireless router you have, it shoud and probably will have a web based menu for settings on any platform. See the manufacturers instructions to find the default IP address for your router, and default password. You should have no problem setting up your router once you have the above information. I have a microsoft router, and I set it up using my mac with no problem at all.

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