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    The "Why To Switch" Thread
    Can we Make this a Sticky???

    This thread is to be dedicated to why MAC KICK PCs %@*&!*% @$$ !!!
    And why You should make the switch. And why you are skepticle about switching.

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    Yeah, cause M$ dishonesty about the windows registry is bordering on the same scam that was known as Enron Hello?

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    I wrote this a while ago, trying to be unbiased - it still seems pretty relevant.
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    Things really do "just work", no tinkering. Your computer is like a car, you just "turn the key" and go.

    Not targeted by viruses, spyware and other trash that infests PC (due to lack of popularity - if the Mac ever got as popular, it would be targeted and therefore might have virus and spyware problems too) however...

    Much more secure, reducing the risk of viruses if the Mac platform were targeted.

    Better performance for graphical design work.

    Really nice interface.

    Built on BSD with an accessible terminal for those with *NIX/BSD experience to have a further tinker, and all the advantages (very stable, open standards etc) that go with it.

    Predictable, well-made hardware - no problems caused by you having a different motherboard with certain incompatibilities etc that you get with a PC.

    Better licensing.

    Don't even get me started on the Powerbooks

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    "Your computer is like a car, you just "turn the key" and go"

    well then i hope it's not like a 1994 Volvo I recently had the misfortune of having to drive/have towed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by anarkhy
    Can we Make this a Sticky???
    I hope not!

    Quote Originally Posted by anarkhy
    This thread is to be dedicated to why MAC KICK PCs %@*&!*% @$$ !!!
    Why do u waste ur time doing all this :rolleyes:

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    Thumbs down this stupidity never ends...
    I agree with Strider...

    Do you people really have so much time to waste to write threads and posts about how much Macs are better than PCs or the other way around?!?
    You like your Mac, fine...
    You like your PC, fine...
    You hate one of them (or maybe both) well that's your problem!! Nobody wants to know it!!
    Macs are NOT generally better than PCs, and PCs are NOT generally better than Macs. They are both computer, with advantages and disadvantages, tools to work with, or toys to play with.

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    Yes each have their uses. I plan on always having one of each available.

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