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    Before I purchase question...
    Hey everyone,

    First post on here, currently have a MacBook and looking to get a MacBook Pro asap. After reading some threads, I had no idea Apple updates them every 5-6 months. I heard in Nov the MacBook got updated...did the MacBook Pro get updated as well already or has it not come yet? If not, when will it?

    Also, with Mac World coming up in January, will a new MacBook Pro come out then? or more updates?

    Im just trying to see if it's ok to buy now or if I should wait since updates are coming/new version, etc...

    Any help is appreciated!


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    macbook pro was updated at the same time as the macbook, unlikely it will be updated again so soon,

    hope that helps

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    MBP just got a partial upgrade, in that they added an option for a 2.6 processor instead of the 2.4.

    Nobody can say what will happen in the future. Anything is possible. This has been said on this forum a thousand times, but for a thousand and one: if you always wait for the next thing, you'll never buy anything, so the best time to buy is always when you want to buy.
    "Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others"

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    I'd wait......

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    Buy now even if apple do update the MBP's it will be a small update and wont make your computer any worse. like fleurya said if you wiated for the latest and greatest you wouldnt buy a single piece of technology.

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