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    New mac user (almost) / torrent questions
    Hi All,

    I am going to purchase a new macbook this evening, but a couple of burning questions, i currently use a program called bitlord on windows to download torrents, files are often in a .rar format i use winrar to open these i can click on one file and it compiles from each rar archive an output to a folder which could be a movie file or mp3s etc.

    I know torrent programs are available in mac but will the file type still apply in mac and be able to open with such simplicity as i am getting from windows?

    Perhaps i am completly not thinking in a mac world just yet and i would be searching out different types of mac compatable files which do the same things but for mac? Can you please advise on this im sure many of you will understand where i am coming from.

    Many thanks,

    -Newbie :]

    ps: The ethusiasm and quality of posts within this forum is great!

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    there is a rar software for mac as well. So opening rar files is not an issue. Mac supports most of the open document formats. For the platform specific ones like (.doc, .xls) also there are programs like open office which allow reading/writing in these formats

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    Check out this video I made, Hope it helps

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    Most archive formats are handled natively by the OS. Tiger and Leopard come with an archive utility that will expand rar, gz, zip, etc. It can also compress to zip.

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    also, when you get your mac. i would recommend using a torrent app called transmission

    remember to only use it for legal torrents.

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    I use Azureus for my torrent files, its free and it works very well for me. As for as .rar files, try StuffIt Expander, which is also free.

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