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    Lost iTunes music files and iPhoto files after battery went dead
    So I decided to let my battery go dead so I could recalibrate it and get full charge from it, BAD IDEA!

    I went ahead and plugged the powersource in and let it charge. Upon opening my macbook it was a bit sluggish at start-up. My desktop wasn't there, my screensaver wasn't there. Anyway, i figure I'd set-up all this stuff over again while listening to some music.

    No music in my library, not even the music I had purchased form iTunes. What gives? Why did I lose all my music files? I decided to check what else I had lost and all my pics from iPhoto were gone, except for te last upload I had.

    So is there anyway to recover these files? This is oretty stupid that this operating system would do that.


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    I understand that the music is no longer in your iTunes, but is it even on the HD?
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    You can try using Digital Media Recovery Software. It is a Windows based application and has to be installed on Windows machine. Connect the drive from which data has to be recovered as slave to the machine where you have installed the software and then proceed with the recovery.

    All the best!

    iPod Recovery

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