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    VMware Fusion Uninstallation
    Hi, I hope this is the right forum for this question (I am a switcher )

    Anyway, I installed VMware Fusion a few weeks ago because I needed Microsoft visio for some database stuff. I don't need it now, and I want to uninstall VMware fusion, but I am not sure how to do it completely so that I can get rid of the windows xp virtual machine as well.

    Do I just delete VMware and go to my documents, and empty the virtual machine folder as well?


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    I uninstalled Vmware Fusion not too long ago, just run the original .DMG program file that you downloaded from After its been mounted, a folder will appear with a readme file, installation icon and uninstall icon. Run the uninstallation script and you'll be set.

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    That wont remove his virtual machines though. Those you will find in documents.

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    Hey guys, I just stumbled upon this thread while browsing as an unregistered user and I signed up to ask this question. I uninstalled VMware Fusion using AppCleaner. The program removes all hidden files that are left behind when you remove an application file. Will all of the files that the VMware uninstaller deletes also be deleted with AppCleaner? I removed the Virtual Machines directory manually. Help would be appreciated.

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    I was in the same spot as you, stumbled upon this, and registered to help you out! I used AppCleaner which got rid of a lot. In my activity monitor I still had some programs running (indicated by a double sided arrow at the top of my mac status bar, right next to the time machine symbol). I followed the info on those and tried to delete and force quit, but when I restart my computer, it pops back up.

    In macHD>library>application support, I had a folder called VMware Fusion. I tried to trash and delete it - it wouldn't let me. I finally just re-downloaded the trial .dmg from the vmware fusion website, mounted it, ran uninstall (AFTER replacing the folder into application support), and it got rid of it for me.

    Now that's as far as my experience goes, and I'm not heavily literate in macs, so maybe there's a few stragglers, but I hope this helped!

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    Note that you replied to an old post from November of last year. Very unlikely the person who needed help has been waiting that long for a reply.

    Anyway, welcome to the forums and feel free to participate.


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